After a long freeride competition season, Melissa Brandner, Manuela Mandl and Steffi Noppinger decide to slow down. To seek
solitude, feel the elements and chase steep lines in a different way. Using E-bikes as a low impact way to move forward, as Mother Nature tries her best to push them back. Starting their journey in Bodø in Northern Norway they are heading South. Landscape and snow cover dictates their route. Stunning surroundings, steep couloirs, new acquaintances and midnight sun solitude await them.
The girls may have skills on the big mountain, but can they cycle hundreds of kilometres with all their gear? One thing is for certain, they won't be becoming fishermen any time soon!

Mathias Obmascher & Florian Albert

Florian Albert

Emily Schmeller

Filmfest St.Anton, Austria 24.08.2018
Fjellfilmfestivalen Norway 13. - 15.09.2018
Festival of Mountain Film Poprad, Slovakia 13.10.2018
Linehunters Movietour Wien 17.10.2018
Linehunters Movietour Salzburg 18.10.2018
Milano Montagna Video Awards 27.10.2018
Bergfilmfestival Salzburg 16.11.2018
Freeride Filmbase Innsbruck, Austria 24.11.2018
 Eho Mountain Film Festival Skopje, Macedonia 23.11.2018
Bovec Outdoor Film Festival Bovec, Slovenia 29.12.2018

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